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Our History

We are celebrating 50 years in the skateboard business.

In 1974, Patrick Truitt met Josh Marlowe on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland and they became instant friends.  Josh introduced Patrick to skateboarding and his life-long love of the sport has continued ever since.  Spurred by Patrick's enthusiastic interest in the sport, his father dove head first into learning everything possible about skateboards and realized there was a major void in the industry.  He went on to start the world's first skateboard distribution company and helped launch the careers of many of yesterday and today's industry leaders, thus solidifying Patrick and the Truitt Family as one of the founding families of the skateboard products industry. 

In 1978, our family started deck manufacturing for Kryptonics and in 1981, fully took over making all Kryptonics skateboards, as their High Energy line.  Over the next few years, throughout the 1980s, we expanded the distribution business worldwide and purchased Brand-X Skateboards in 1986 from Bernie Tostenson (the former Sims artist who started the company), and in 198& we created Toxic Skates, as a spin-off of the PA demo skate group, Team Toxic.

Throughout the 80s and early 90s, we built Toxic, Brand-X and High Energy into major, global brands,  Then (when the skateboard industry changed in the mid 90s), we decided to stopped manufacturing and focus solely on the distribution business.  Decades later, in 2015, Patrick, along with his partner, Amy brought back Brand-X, Toxic and High Energy under their company, Brand-X Skateboards

Today, Patrick and Amy continue to proudly make these much-loved global brands, plus American Nomad, Kanoa and many others, using the only the highest quality North American products and workmanship, with personalized customer service, and a true love for the industry and skateboarders worldwide.

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